Mookie & Boo Sleep & Relax Pillow Mist -100ml


Create a calm & peaceful space in your bedroom with our Sleep & Relax Pillow Mist. Designed to lull mind & body into a deep state of relaxation our complex blend of essential oils with top notes of Mandarin , orange flower & nutmeg ,herbal heart of french lavender , ho wood & jasmine with a woody base note of patchouli cedarwood and tonka bean. All expertly chosen & blended to help ease stress and tension and induce a deep sense of calm.

Simply spritz your pillow lie down & mindfully breathe deeply inhale slowly to a count of 4 & exhale to a count of 6 to calm your senses. Use the scent of the aromatherapy to release any tension & stress in your body.Using your Pillow Mist every night create a Sleep Ritual that will send a signal to your brain that Sleep is coming.

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